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About Kim

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Kim Kellogg (Enrolled Agent) formed Express Tax Service, Inc to provide detailed individualize tax consultation to tax clients. Her clients range from Individuals needing an ITIN to clients that need specialized forms as 5471, 5472, or 3520. She has a BA, JD, and LLM in Federal and International Taxation. She has edited numerous treaties on international taxation issues and published several legal articles on anti-money laundering. Combining best-in-class knowledge of the tax code with a legal mind, Kim Kellogg completes your taxes not only correctly but, through her skilled navigation of the tax code, maximizes your deductions and minimizes your legal tax obligations.

Her expertise in navigating the complex world of international tax codes will help to eliminate your taxation confusion while generating trust and satisfaction from those with which she works.

Combining Kim’s legal mind with her experience as a US Tax Examiner for the IRS and eight years of experience evaluating and preparing international taxation documentation worldwide makes her help an invaluable team member in anticipating and identifying potential tax credits and deductions credibly and systematically.

Jason A. Fiske noted Kim’s ability to “stand above her peers” in the grasp and application of complex materials while “demonstrating nothing but the highest integrity in all interactions.”

Kim stands by her ability to ensure your taxes are accurate, critically evaluated, and negotiated to the most significant degree possible. She is here to assure that not only do you pay just the money owed but that you utilize the taxation system to your advantage.

Stephen S. Polak noted Kim’s “keen ability to keep [her] team focused on the ‘task-at-hand’ using her mediation and negotiation skills to close the deal.” These skills are applied every day to her work and help her to ensure the proper balance to maximize your investment.

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